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I played this after finding the demo of your other game and really enjoyed the atmosphere and story! Are there more endings besides Safe and True? It felt like there's more to the story I was missing.

Wow, thanks for trying it out. Sadly those are the only two endings. This was made for a game jam, so some parts of it were definitely cut out. So I can see why you'd feel there was more to it. 

But it would be cool to return to this one day...

I really enjoyed this. Good length, tension, atmosphere, sound, humor, likeable and diverse characters - the writing flows nicely too! Took me a bit to figure out the keywords system (see it highlighted here tho so I shoulda paid more attention to that xP). I actually want to see the other ending! Couple sentences get cut off like the volleyball flyer but otherwise very polished! 

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I was looking through my text to find where this happened, but I'm thinking it must happen in the End, where you review all of the Objects you chose. I definitely missed that! (Was an oversight not testing that line using every Item Combination)

Going to fix that up, thanks for playing!