Bug Fixes & what I'm working on next

Updated the Demo:

  • Updated the artwork for INAMORI
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would snap down to the ground after interacting with devices
  • Fixed the look sensitivity issues. Before it had been locked to the game's FPS which would lead to very fast speeds for some players. 
  • Added a Look Sensitivity Slider to the Pause Menu
  • Minor performance improvements

I still have a couple more things that I want to add to the Demo. Most important being:

  • Controller Support
  • Challenge Room HINT System - this would have the characters that are with you inside the Challenge Room, be able to provide hints to solving the puzzles. 
  • The Thief Device - the thief device is a handheld device that every Thief is issued. Inside it would hold information on each of the Thieves, a Calculator app, and a Notepad app. Think of the Handbook from Danganronpa except you use it to assist during puzzles. 
  • More Character Sprites and Expressions
  • More Music and Sound Effects


Thief's Roulette Demo 64bit 44 MB
Mar 29, 2020
Thief's Roulette Demo 32bit 42 MB
Mar 29, 2020

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